A documentary about the corporate monsters who control our language.

"Monsters" by Cruxshadows used by permission

Monster Cable Products, Inc and other corporations have created legal problems for hundreds of companies for using common words like "monster". Help stop corporate monsters from destroying small businesses.

We are currently seeking the following for interviews:

Legal and linguistic scholars and experts on trademark law.
Victims of single dictionary word trademark disputes or law suits.
Former and current employees of the United States Trademark Office.
Former and current politicians interested in changing trademark law.
Information on any corporations harassing small businesses for using a common word.
Horror movie actors, musicians, and monster movie memorabilia experts and collectors.
Former and current employees of any company suing people for using a single dictionary word.

*Interviews can be conducted anonymously - you can wear a monster mask!*

We also need songs about monsters for the soundtrack and stock footage from monster movies.

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